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  1. April 16, 2013

    Elegy in Limestone | CJ Evans

    If the water, everywhere, and if she

    is. If ghosts, like water, like if all

    rivers and oceans and rains are one

    ghost, surrounding and throughout.

    If she is, like if the lakes and bays

    of Seattle define Seattle, if the ices

    Of Mars and Massachusetts,

    hidden in their deep stones, define

    Mars and Massachusetts; if she is.

    A thirst unmet, alkaline or saline,

    the water not touching that thirst,

    if my thirst wants something else

    entirely. If she is. Water, if it is in

    and is blood. If invisible until

    exhale. If science lies and water

    doesn’t reflect sky but sky this

    water. If she is the sound, if it isn’t

    essential until its lack. If she is

    the sound of. Waves. If in the body,

    the dew in morning, and the moon.

    If she is the sound of the water.

    If rising, if breaking, if throughout.
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