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  1. September 4, 2012

    & Now | Mathias Svalina

    From this moment on we have no task but to mythologize 
    this dust, these red plastic cups 
    into something worth recalling

    after a long night on the freight train, on the oiled snakes:
    excreta & blisters that fester into metaphors 
    of armature, theology.

    The man in the baseball cap once wrote a book entitled De Combustionibus, 
    after beaming at the fresh paper & 
    sharp edges cut into corners &

    the flecks of pastel debris amid the cream pulp stock, 
    years went by. 
    He drank a lot of tea.

    One night he paged through his book & drew angels in the margins in pencil, 
    each feather oaring, the flushed face strained. 
    What kind of god, he thought,

    would create such an aerodynamic nightmare to oversee us, 
    teetering on two unstable legs? 
    He harbors no love for the engineers.

    In Kings there is the story of the man who built an obelisk out of his 
                                                                                         childhood fears,
    even this God demanded razed. 
    And what does he do in the late nights,

    when thoughts sublimate & the starry sky congeals? 
    He spits bitten fingernails into his empty 
    wine glass. He listens

    to the emergency broadcast over the radio. But the distorted voice assures 
    There is no emergency. 

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